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182: 360 Vegas Vacation 11 preview feturing Tony Snyder

360 Vegas Vacation 11 is kicking off a few hours after this episode is released. This will be my third time attending a 360 Vegas Vacation. To help me prepare, I brought on Tony from 360 Vegas Podcast to go over the agenda and...

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181: Let’s Make Things Bettor featuring Vegas Duffy

Vegas Duffy is a craps and Wynn enthusiast with a passion for Vegas. He shares his earliest exposure to gambling, playing craps with Madden, and what led to him cohosting a gambling podcast. Guest: @VegasDuffy Show:  Use promo code "YOELEVEN" for...

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180: Bettor Help featuring Rufus Peabody

This is the third and final episode of my Mental Health of Awareness Month series. Rufus Peabody joins me to discuss his experience with mental health as a person and as a professional bettor. We cover ego, relationships, therapy, and more. Guest: ...

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179: For the Bettor featuring Ricahrd Munchkin

This is the second episode of my Mental Health of Awareness Month series. Richard Munchkin joins me to discuss mental health in the AP community. We cover loneliness, ego, companionship, objectiveness, and more. Guest: Show:  Use promo code...

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178: Bettor For Mental Health featuring Gill Alexander

May is Mental Health of Awareness Month. I try to be an advocate for mental health however I can. So, I decided to dedicate a few episodes to the topic. First up is Gill Alexandr, who has been observing sports bettors and gamblers for...

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177: Seen Bettor Days featuring Annoyed Pit Boss

No one has seen bettors at their best or their worst like a casino pit boss. Annoyed Pit Boss joins me to share his journey in the casino world and a couple of stories from his upcoming book "Dealt: Stories From My Life on...

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