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223 – Ed Feng

Ed Feng has a Stanford PhD and is the mastermind behind The Power Rank. Ed explains how analytics led to sports betting, how he dabbles at the blackjack table, his feelings on networking at BetBash, and the ever-present need to feel "alive" and how...

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222: 2023 Recap and 2024 Look Ahead with Mark DeVol

I try to do this each year: look back at the year that has passed and look ahead to the year anew. Mark and I review our gambling in 2023 and discuss where we might go in 2024.   Use promo code "YOELEVEN" for...

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221: Ed Miller

Ed Miller, author of The Logic of Sports Betting and Interception, shares his life of poker, sports betting, and writing.   Use promo code "YOELEVEN" for 11% off at The Bettor Life online shop:  Want to launch your own podcast?...

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220: Happy Thanksgiving 2023

This week's episode if focused on gratitude. It's brief monologue on what I am thankful for plus a special appearance from our friends. Use promo code "YOELEVEN" for 11% off at The Bettor Life online shop:  Want to launch your...

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219: San Diego Casinos + “Snatch” featuring Mark DeVol

This week's episode I talk with Mark DeVol from You Can Bet on That. First, we talk about our October tour of San Diego casinos. Then, we review the movie "Snatch" for Bettor Viewing. Enjoy! Use promo code "YOELEVEN" for...

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218: Back on the Horse featuring Eric Rosenthal

I want to get the ball rolling again so to get a step of momentum, I'm clipping part of the latest Bettor Life 2.0 episode. It's a good one! Use promo code "YOELEVEN" for 11% off at The Bettor Life...

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