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204: Origin Stories Volume 2

This episode features volume two of a set of answers to the question "what was your first exposure to gambling?" I pulled answers from episodes 11-28 featuring responses from Michael Trager, Preston Johnson, Michael Shackleford, Richard Munchkin, and...

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203: Scott Stratten talks Vegas and casino customer service

Today, we talk with Vegas enthusiast Scott Stratten. Scott has been on The Bettor Life a few times, his last being three years ago just after the pandemic shutdown. Well, he's fresh off his first two trips since the pandemic and has thoughts on...

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202: Bettor for Everybody featuring Eric Rosenthal

Bettor Life 2.0 is a call back to the era in which Eric Rosenthal was cohost of The Bettor Life. Many consider it the peak era of the show, so we like to revisit it as often as we can. Rare for the main...

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201: Origin Stories Volume 1

Episode 201 was once but a dream, but it is here and we roll on! This episode features answers to the question "what was your first exposure to gambling?" I pulled answers from my first ten episodes featuring responses from Gill Alexander, Bill...

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200: 5th Anniversary featuring Gill Alexander

FIVE YEARS. TWO HUNDRED EPISODES.    I must say, I'm excited and proud of this milestone. I have launched and produced a dozen podcasts and this is the longest-running and the most successful. I'm so grateful for everyone who listens.  ...

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199: Bettor Life News and Updates plus Bettor Viewing w/ Mark DeVol

This episode features updates on Biloxi, an announcement of March Madness pools, and a segment from the recent episode of Bettor Viewing with Mark DeVol. Guest: @YouCanBetonThat Show: Use promo code "YOELEVEN" for 11% off at The Bettor Life...

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