Future Bets

This page shows all of the pending futures bets that I’m currently holding.
Updated: 4/7/21

LilleTo WinLigue 165/1
Hull CityTo WinEFL League One+650, +550
Salford CityTo WinEFL League Two10/1
Exeter CityTo WinEFL League Two12/1
Austin FCTo WinMLS66/1
Sporting KCTo WinMLS30/1
AjaxTo WinHolland Eredivisie-175
EspanyolTo WinLa Liga 2-112
BresciaTop 2 FinishItaly Serie B20/1
Beşiktaş A.Ş. To WinTurkey Süper Lig+120
Odds separated by commas are odds bet at different times.

Good Lille: I made this bet before the season started and nearly forgot about it until a couple weeks ago. Having upset PSG in their last match, Ligue 1 is now theirs to lose. I am likely going to hedge with PSG -134 to lock in a little profit without eating into the 65/1 equity too much.

Good Hull City: I made both of these bets about 1/3 of the way through the season when it appeared Hull had too much quality for others to compete for the season. They’ve had a few key wins and some help from other top teams and League One is now theirs to lose. As of April 7, they’re even money to win the league which is perfectly priced.

Bad Salford City: I made two League Two future bets midway through the season. This is the more disappointing of the two. Of course, they took a steep turn for the worse weeks after I bet them.

Bad Exeter City: Exeter City was in a good place to leap a few teams with some games in hand. They dropped points and are out of the running for league champion.

Okay Austin FC: Austin is preparing for their first season in MLS. They’ve signed some experienced players which I think could lead to early success. The hope here is to simply have equity going into a first-season playoff run.

Okay NYC FC: NYC FC impressed with a potent offense and topped the league in xG. They’re bringing back key talent and will be a contender again this year. 11/1 is the lowest price I’ll be playing until another team shows they’re too much quality for the league to handle. MLS is a good league for taking equity into the playoffs.

Okay Sporting KC: Sporting KC had great xG and xGA metrics last year and they’re bringing back the players that made it happen. With health and proper management, I expect their future price to never get better than it is before the season.

Good Ajax: Ajax is the best team in Eredivisie and they will win the league with ease. The profits from this bet will pay for my busted League Two bets.

Good Espanyol: Same as Ajax, they’re just the better team in their league. They worried me a bit after dropping some points but they won a few key matches and are in the driver’s seat to win. I currently cannot find this market available anywhere.

Bad Brescia: I thought this team would compete more than they have been. This bet is dead in the water.

Good Beşiktaş: Like Ajax and Espanyol, Beşiktaş is just the better team in their league and should cruise to victory.